.90 - 1.50 mod applicants who had a shock loss causing a mod spike to the high 1's or mid 2's

wc lapses and gaps with tough to place codes and mods - especially in california 

tough to place industries such as staffing, roofers and transportation

horrific histories with 3.0 and higher mods looking to escape the state fund


At High Mod Exchange, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to bind tough to place accounts in alternative markets leveraging A Rated carrier approved programs.


We know that you're reputation is only as good as the results of each renewal. That's why we provide you with only the most reputable and lowest expense options for your clients.


We live, eat & breathe tough accounts in all its forms. Providing ethical and superior service to our agency partners is our day-to-day mission.

most common submissions

"Mike, thank you so much for your help!  I feel like I found a secret treasure.  We will be using you MUCH more often my friend.  You truly did an amazing job."

                                  Steve C. Tampa - FL



  • 2001 - High Mod consulting founded
  • 2009 - Crossed the $1 billion in covered payroll threshold
  • 2012 - Crossed the 25 approved provider mark for A Rated carrier options
  • 2014 - HighModExchange.com launched as an online portal for our agency partners
From a state fund quote of $333,273 and best carrier quote of $293,812...we secured and bound coverage on A rated paper with no deposit or deductible for $213,802.

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